Tuesday, October 4

Exhibited at “Poniystävyys on ikuista!” 04.10.2022 – 24.09.2023, Museo Leikki, Espoo More info!

Monday, March 21

New art: “My Little Aquaman”
Get a closer look!

Monday, September 20

The official “My Little Pop Icons” garments are here! Click here to order!

Mari Kasurinen

At the moment I live and work in Kerava, Finland.

Here you can download my Art Work CV in PDF format in Finnish and my Full Work CV in Finnish or my press release in PDF format in English.

My e-mail address is info@marikasurinen.com

I also design and organize versatile art workshops for all age groups. Ask for a quote!

Mari Kasurinen

"Mari Kasurinen's collection of "My Little Pop Icons," is a series of My Little Pony-inspired individual pieces that collectively create a nuanced body of work. Kasurinen's inspiration for the project stems heavily from the digital age obssession with the personal brand, and what it means to translate that brand into a commentary on individualism and consumerism. " 
 -James Nichols, The Huffington Post

"They're childhood favourites as you've never seen them before - film and TV icoms madeover as My Little Pony toys" 
 -Kat Brown, The London Paper

"[...]Mari Kasurinen (a.k.a. Spippo on deviantART) the Michealangelo of our generation."  
 -Great White Snark, GreatWhiteSnark.com

"The much-loved children's toy, My Little Pony, has undergone an extraordinary transformation. The new collection sees the ponies mimic a variety of characters from cult films like Batman and Alien."
 -The Guardian, Guardian.co.uk

"My Little Ponies in elaborate media drag"
  -Cory Doctorow, boingboing.net

 "Best artist EVER!"
 -Polly Hudson, Mirror.co.uk

 "My Little Phoney toys are a hit."
  -Bella Battle, The Sun

 ”We want one!”
 -Coco Perez, cocoperez.com

”Popkulttuuriin hurahtanut suomalainen taiteilija Mari Kasurinen oli jo aikaansa edellä ennen tätä äärilleen mennyttä ponibuumia. [...] Kasurisen omintakeinen ote huomioitiin jo vuonna 2009 ulkomaisissakin medioissa.”
-Katri Koskinen, mtv3.fi

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Hello. Can I purchase your My Little Pop Icons from somewhere
Yes, as a matter of fact you can. Directly from me!
Best way to do this is simply e-mailing me and then we can discuss the details.

How do I know which My Little Pop Icons are up for sale and which are gone already
You can see it under the pictures in the gallery.
It's either SOLD or AVAILABLE.
I keep the gallery updated on a nearly daily basis so that the art pieces which are already sold are in fact mentioned as being sold.

How much are they
E-mail me for pricing details.
I like to discuss the details personally and each pony is unique in its own way, so it is really hard to just say one number for all of them.
If you have a particular My Little Pop Icon in mind, remember to add the details to the e-mail!

What forms of payment do you support
You can pay me through PayPal.
Alternatively, if you live in Finland and own a Finnish bank account.. that works too!

Do you ship your work worldwide
Yes, yes I do.

I have this idea of a My Little Pop Icon I want. Do you take comission work
Indeed I do! E-mail me with your ideas and info so that we can discuss the project further.

I heard about this From Mass to Unique -art workshop you organize. Could I order one
Indeed you can! I design and organize versatile art workshops for all age groups. They are suitable for schools, companies, clubs or different kind of events. E-mail me to get a quote!


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